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The novels we include here under the category of general fiction books, also referred to as literary-light or mainstream, are usually of novel length but don’t fit easily into any of the popular genre categories like thriller or romance. Even though themes of the story may of course include elements from genre styles, they are not written specifically to be listed as such.

To simplify things, popular or genre fiction is about entertainment: a gripping suspense-filled adventure story for instance, where you can escape from reality. General fiction books, while still plot and character-driven with a good premise or 'hook', will concentrate more on insight and perspective.

Literary fiction however, while still about good storytelling, is considered to be more serious or complex; perhaps commenting on larger social or political issues or exploring elements of the human condition. Often, writers of these works will focus on artistic quality, style of prose and technical excellence: think perfectly-worded sentences. Readers of these free ebooks are usually more demanding, often preferring experimental or high literature. This is therefore regarded as a more specialised niche and forms a core part of english literature studies due to the important messages and the in-depth styles of writing.

Although novels here may fall into either camp, or both. It's a good way for you to appreciate the different styles of writing. Whatever your preference, you are guaranteed a thoroughly good read!

To introduce you to a fusion of the two, try Lewis Shiner's Black and White, which is billed as literary thriller. A cracking read.

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