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Aside from the obvious religious books (the Bible, the Quran) there are many religious books that dive deeper into the meaning of the text and interpret what the original author meant at the time of writing. Of course, we cannot know everything for certain which is why we may get different interpretations of the same text.

There are Christian books that take the Bible and discuss what the meaning really is in a more modern setting or interpret sometimes unclear language in a way that we can understand today. Islam books and scholarly articles do the same thing for the Quran and help us understand the meaning of the texts in the original books.

There are many free books to download on obooko that help us understand ancient text and thinking by translating the worlds of the Buddha into modern language. This allows us, the reader, to connect with the beliefs despite the age of the original work. It’s a great attempt to keep religious thinking in sync with modern progress and relevant to a younger audience. Other religious books discuss how religious beliefs have changed over time and authors give us their opinions on how relevant traditional religion is in a world that moves at significant pace.

Some religious texts will take elements of religious texts and expand upon the original words to get much deeper into the meaning and how that should be considered in our daily lives. Many titles take aspects of the Bible and give a framework for living a meaningful life under the direction of God and Jesus.

There are a number of books that look at the scientific evidence to support the reality of religion and attempt to prove or disprove the religious texts. A particular area of contention is the evolution versus creation theory. Did the universe start with a big bang and evolution brought us to where we are or did a higher power create the universe and world as we see it today? This is always a big debate between believers and non believers and even amongst believer in how to handle the scientific evidence.

Whatever your belief or religious persuasion there are plenty of books at obooko to choose from. Even without having any specific religious direction, reading books that discuss the original texts can bring insight and provoke thinking. If you consider yourself to be a non believer this can be a great way to understand the counter argument that there is a higher power and that religion is an important institution.

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