an ancient holy relic, an Angelic Father and a killer Cardinal

Though Arthur’s mind had accepted his father’s directives, his heart however had doubts. He had often wished for an adventure from of one of his books.

FIsherman's Ring.  By Bradley Pearce.  Adventure story

Fisherman's Ring
By Bradley Pearce

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Book Synopsis

Fishermen’s Ring is an adventure story that will take you on an historical adventure through Europe. From London to Budapest. From Istanbul to the Vatican City. Surrounding an ancient holy relic, an Angelic Father, a killer Cardinal, and a potential Pope. A father on a mission to return a Ring home. A son, Arthur, in danger because of it. And relic dealers hell bent on stopping them. Bullets will fly and brains will splatter. Gypsies and Werewolves will cross Arthur’s path. Shoot outs, car chases and close escapes can only end with one outcome. A coffee shop girl completes the romance. Have faith that you will take something from this book that resonates on so many levels. I hope you will enjoy reading Fishermen’s Ring as much as I have enjoyed writing it.


A sunny autumn morning broke upon Watford Terrace. The cold breeze blew from the no...
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