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Xenitha: The Final Outcome by Y. S. Emery

Xenitha - The Finale
By Y. S. Emery

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Book Synopsis

Jack, Abigail and Ethan are called back to Xenitha once again. This time, although only a year has passed in their world, twenty-four years have passed in Xenitha and they are devastated to learn that some of their dear friends have in that time passed away or are now a lot older. They meet new friends, offspring's of their older friends; it is with these new friends that they embark on a new adventure to go in search of Ophelia and Keefer's son, Prince Willem, who has mysteriously disappeared, last seen with a man named Bard. As the mystery unfolds Ophelia and Keefer are angry to learn that the man named Bard is in fact the son of the late Nyklus, which Conan has kept secret from them. Although everyone is under the same idea, that Bard is as evil as his father and aunt, Conan believes that he is just misunderstood and yearns for the grandson he has been deprived of all these...
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