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The Moons of Elyan by CBS

The Moons of Elyan

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Jared MacCarren's business is falling apart; his life makes less and less sense; and, lately, he can't stop thinking about an old love. But what's to come will change his world in a way neither he nor we could ever expect.


She sauntered down the stairs and to him in an outfit more gone than on. As she reached the wall directly across from him, she stopped, pretending to notice something on her scarlet stilettos. Her tongue caressed her finger, slowly, and she stared at Jared as if she wanted him to know how that might feel. Then her body obediently curved down, and as it did, her top dropped till Jared could see her breasts.

Maya delicately rubbed her shoe, pulsating her supple, tight body--turning it slightly till Jared had full view of what was under her tiny skirt. She was wearing no panties.

As her bo...
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