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Brains and Realities by Jay Alfred

Brains and Realities
By Jay Alfred

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Book Synopsis

Modern physics clearly points out that we live in a universe where space and time may be stubborn illusions. The intriguing question is: How did mystics who lived more than 2,000 years ago come to the same conclusions without the aid of scientific instruments or advanced mathematics? Is there really a timeless and spaceless sphere that we can access here and now by merely altering processes in the human brain? This book aims to answer this question.

Also by Jay Alfred: Between the Moon and the Earth and Our Invisible Bodies


Right vs. Left Brain

Our brain, like many other parts of our anatomy, is made up of two halves, a left brain and a right brain. They are connected to each other by a thick cable of nerves at the base of each brain, called the corpus callosum. It is analogous to a cable or network connection between two incredibl...
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