science philosophy is linked to our society, our behaviour

Human is the most intelligent being on the Earth. He has the ability, responsibility and obligation to discover, record and utilize the law of motion of matter.

Seeking Aswers 11.1 edition by Ming Lou

Seeking Answers 12th edition
By Ming Lou

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This is a book dedicated in pursuing truth on a fundamental level.

Science philosophy is the ultimate foundation of the rational ideology which our world view build on and it is this world view which will direct our values, principles and strategies which will lead us to the far future or doom us sooner than we expected. Science philosophy is linked to our society, our behaviour. If we want to plan a future we cannot avoid talking about it and we have to get it right.

Reading is not always easy. When you read, you need to check the concept, logic and principle is correct. Swallow them up without analysis and criticism, will cause chaos in your knowledge system. Without correct them in time, they will derive more wrong concept, logic and principle and in the meantime will form wrong path dependence that will make them...
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