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Just Because We Are The 99% by Miss Mary

Just Because We Are The 99%
By Miss Mary

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This book is about the year 2011 and the 99%. In a rush to punish President Obama, the 99% elected more of the "NO" party into office in the 2010 midterms. Even after eight years of economic manipulations, which resulted in our financial meltdown, the 99% decided to reward the "NO" party with more representatives. This book is about the end result of that vote. Hopefully, at the end of this book, the 99% will finally understand the need to stop dividing and unify.


In the fall of 2011, Bank of America decided to try and bitch slap the 99% by adding a $5 fee for using their debit cards.1 Debit cards are our checking accounts in plastic form. In other words, Bank of America was trying to make money on our checking accounts, of which they pay practically no interest. While our checking accounts sit in their banks, they use our money at thei...
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