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Do Not Worry John, I love You by John C. Kirk

Do Not Worry John, I love You
By John C. Kirk

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Book Synopsis

This autobiography of John C. Kirk, may bring back some memories to readers that may associate his life, to similarities akin to their own experiences.

It has taken me quite a while in deciding to write my story [biography], I feel it may help me to understand myself better. I am 78 years old and feeling that maybe I have something good to pass on to others. I have been blessed with five children and nine grand children.

Whilst every endeavour has been made to ensure the accuracies of text quoted from The Bible errors may be unintentional.

This story is about my escapades and my spiritual journey, starting at the beginning with my birth. The title of the book comes from one my experiences, which was given to me audibly by Jesus. This statement I truly did not deserve to hear from HIM especially when he gave it. It has always lifted my spirits when things...
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