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Descent of The Watchers. By D S S Atkinson

Descent of The Watchers
By D S S Atkinson

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Book Synopsis

Amidst a desperate power struggle between the ruling powers of Heaven, Samyaza and the watchers race to prevent their kin destroying Eden, and their only hope of survival for her species.

1256 years after seraphim Azazel attempts to contain the nephilim and save his humanoid experiments on Eden, commander Samyaza returns to discover Heaven has been away from the planet for over two thousand years.

Her team descends to the planet's surface to discover what horrors have occurred since leaving so long ago.
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Amidst the vacuum of space a titanic vessel rest suspended. Beyond its obsidian textured hull two figures enclosed upon an artefact, their bodies each enveloped in metallic suits. A deep static hum distorted the entities' senses. Silently they drifted into...
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