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Humanity's  expanding view  of the universe: Why Science is Not About Certainty? - Manjunath R

Humanity’s expanding view of the universe: why Science is Not about Certainty.
By Manjunath. R

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Because of the immense success of technology, general public regards science (which is a fascinating exploration of the impossible - from death rays and force fields to invisibility cloaks and the geometry of curved space and many counter-intuitive notions, such as black holes -- regions of space with so much mass that even light rays cannot escape) as a rigorous body of physical knowledge, as established as a beautiful truth. But it is absolutely-absolutely false.

Even though its computational power and its conceptual scope are remarkable, science has fatal limitations. The whole the scientific community is ignorant about it. It is strange that the scientists are not raising the issues. Science means truth, and scientists are proponents of the truth. But they are teaching incorrect ideas to children (upcoming scientists) in schools /colleges etc. from decades or millennia....
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