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Why do we have a membership system?

Membership of obooko is absolutely Free, which means we will never ask you for money to download free ebooks from this site. Period. We have built a good reputation across the Internet and we intend to continue improving our offering to both readers and writers for many years to come.

The main reason we have a membership system in place is in order to ensure, to the best of our knowledge, that users are of a minimum age of 13 and that we do not attract young children. Many ebooks on obooko are intended for mature readers so we cannot risk unintentional download of these books by minors. For this reason, we decided not to have a children's book category. We comply with the directives of COPPA, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and do our best to make sure we do not attract young children to the site or collect personal data from anyone under the age of thirteen. This is something many free ebook sites, and their users, overlook or do not consider.

Your registration details help us to discover which countries and age groups most use our service: we use this information to help improve our site and provide you with relevant content.

Your email address is kept confidential and never passed on to third parties.

From time-to-time we may send you newsletters or messages related to your membership. We do not send spam mail.