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Processing your files for publication

Obooko is not a site for public 'posting' of books or where authors create their own download pages without our involvement. For us to allow this would open our doors to those complicit in digital piracy and other illegal and unethical practices. We have seen many books on inferior ebook distribution sites promoting racism, religious intolerance and financial scams. So much for automation.

Call us old-fashioned but we prefer to do as much as we can ourselves: we review all submissions to ensure they are from the genuine author or official publisher, which is something even the Amazon Kindle people do not do! We also filter out illegally distributed (pirated,) Copyright-protected books along with all other works that do not comply with our Terms and Conditions.

Once your submission is approved, we check to ensure you have uploaded all the files we require and that they are formatted correctly. If they aren't we will do some basic technical tweaking to put things right, but this is a free service and we don't have the time nor resources to make extensive changes. The final step is to create your download page and check all links work as they should.

Should we decide, for any reason, that we prefer not to publish your book on obooko, we will let you know as soon as we can.

Things can sometimes get busy in our production studio so please bear with us. As a guide, please allow 72 hours, excluding weekends and public holidays, for your book to appear in your chosen category. But this is purely a guide, please don't shout at us if we take a little longer!

OBOOKO, hand-built by humans ;-)