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Tinman by Tom Fitzgerald

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Genre/Category: Action and Adventure Thriller
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Tinman by Tom Fitzgerald
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The concept of the Tinman story arose from the psychic research of the “Stargate” program of the American Intelligence Services of the past two decades. Mix in the ancient religions of old with the cyber warfare of new. Spies running amuck lead to weird and hilarious twists. Ideals embedded are modern and present day.

Characters include a Party Chairman, Chiefs of Security Agencies, Spies, Shamans, Witches, and Beekeepers. For a story dealing with spies and the supernatural it is wholesome. The obscenities and violence are rare. There are no sexual scenes and mentions of are discreet. Females are the main characters. The ending is upbeat and positive. It deals with psychic theories in a perspective way.

The first parts of the novel are “The Prologue-Guy Fawkes Incident” and “The Mystery” which introduces to the characters and the twilight worlds of espionage and psychics. The second part “The Investigation” is where the fun starts with the clash of cyber and psychic warfare for world domination and peace. The third part “The Epilogue-Two Months Later” returns us to the people and how they are adjusting to their New World.

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