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Swansea to Paddington by Peter John
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Genre/Category: Action and Adventure
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Swansea to Paddington by Peter John
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A young American girl staying in war-time Swansea has to get to London to be with her parents who work for the government, but has no means to reach the destination in an emergency. She meets a steam locomotive driver in very unusual circumstances..

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Away, yes or derailed, God what’s going on? One gigantic jerk forward, accompanied by some thunderous blast that must have awakened half of Swansea, this sleeping giant that slid into the station almost unnoticed, now showed its fire and glory, begging to unleash its fury on come what may. She hoped that Dick could control this beast, glanced out of the window remembering the drill. Lights out, blinds up, window down. Yes finally on her way, and looking out of the window, she could see behind, the long snake of carriages winding their way out of Swansea High Street, slowly disappearing in the background, looking so lonely.

The train now settled down a bit, but still thrust forward, picking up speed all the time. The peaceful sight of the now lightly falling snow covering the rooftops of houses and factories, struck her, blanketing the landscape as the town settled peacefully for the night. She now turned her attention to the engine, avoiding some black smuts stinging her eyes, and witnessed for herself this great wonder, with its massive driving wheels carving through the snow effortlessly. Not knowing if it was the melting snow or a few tears that were streaming down her face, as it now really dawned on her that this majestic engine was in reality helping her to achieve her objective to get to London.