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Brainrush. By Richard Bard
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Genre/Category: Action and Adventure
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Brainrush. By Richard Bard
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Gifted, a Brainrush Novella. By Richard Bard

#1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller!

A diagnosis of terminal cancer crushes fighter pilot Jake Bronson’s dream of a long career in the United States Air Force. But a medical accident gives him an astonishing gift by inexplicably launching his brain into overdrive, making him a human super-computer with extraordinary psychic powers.

And while the wondrous new abilities are cold comfort to a man about to die young, an ocean away they’re the answer to the unholy prayers of arch-terrorist Luciano Battista. He’s planning the ultimate jihadist attack and creating an army of mind-controlled super agents to carry it out. All he needs to make his monstrous crusade a reality are the secrets of a genuine superior brain. Using a beautiful woman as bait and innocent children as blackmail, Battista will lure Jake toward a fate far worse than an early death—by making him the ultimate weapon in the slaughter of millions.

"A terrifically entertaining thriller with three finely executed set pieces strung together with nice characterization. Especially successful is Bronson, an amiable, low-key tough guy able to rescue his princess, survive brutality, and retain a sense of humor." – Publishers Weekly

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