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This is our collection of exciting adventure books and action books, all of which are available to obooko members for instant free download. Action and adventure for all! If you enjoy reading good adventure books this is definitely the category for you: packed books full of suspense, danger, exotic locations, tough challenges and twists and turns. From secret agents and maverick detectives to hired assassins and nuclear terrorists, these are well-crafted free ebooks ready to download: adventure story books to keep you entertained whether you're on a computer, eReader or smartphone in any part of the world.

Which of our adventure books and action books is the most popular on obooko? Currently Earth Goddess by Richard Herley has the highest number of recorded free ebook downloads.

Action and adventure is a genre of fiction that encompasses a wide range of books that are packed with pages of adrenalin-fuelled excitement and exhilaration. This does not mean adventure books avoid character development or narration, but that the very pace, structure and creatively descriptive text give the reader a sense of being in the midst of the action. The genre encompasses all forms of adventure books action novels, novellas and short stories. Graphic works also fall into this classification and take the form of Manga books and superhero comics.

The stories in adventure books are widely created as events or occurrences happening outside the course of the principal character’s life, typically associated with danger and frequently by intense physical activity like chases and mortal combat. Downloading and reading Adventure and action books, from obooko in pdf, epub and kindle, means you can transport yourself into different realms of the imagination from your own desktop, tablet or smartphone, wherever you are in the world.
There are numerous adventure ad action sub-genres, including kung fu and karate hand-to-hand fighting, mountain climbing, gun battles, sea warfare, espionage, comedy adventure and sports satire, in fact most situations and environments are exposed and explored. It is typically conceivable to understand from the inventive style and plot of an adventure story, the actual sub-genre of the work. For instance, the style of conflict will show whether the story is purely an adventure or an action-packed enterprise. Adventure literature is, for the most part, characterized by the adrenaline-fuelled sequences that stir the reader’s imagination.

We hope you enjoy reading our fabulous Adventure books, and action books, ebooks, novels and stories here on obooko.

Free Adventure Books & Action Story eBooks

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I/D by Leon Berger- ebooks free
Arcadia Snips and the Steamwork Consortium by Robert C. Rodgers - Steampunk
Direct Action by Tom Fitzgerald
The Stone Arrow by Richard Herley
The Flint Lord by Richard Herley - ebooks free
The Earth Goddess by Richard Herley
Fire On The Horizon by Daniel Derrett
Denial of Service, Book 1 by Steve Jordan-ebooks free
Denial of Service 2 by Steve Jordan
Buddha's Tooth by Robert A. Webster
Chalice by Robert A. Webster-ebooks free
Tinman by Tom Fitzgerald
Adaptation - Part 1. By Jeremy Tyrrell
Journey of Coincidence by Thomas Reissmann
Don't Ask by B.K. Dell-ebooks free
Bettkasten by J. Albert Rorabacher
Preston Diamond: Conception by C. C. Phillips
Preston Diamond in Way-cross by C. C. Phillips
Viking Saga by Mark Coakley
Berserk Revenge by Mark Coakley-ebooks free
Caribbee by Thomas Hoover
Project Cyclops by Thomas Hoover
Project Daedalus by Thomas Hoover
Samurai Strategy by Thomas Hoover
Walkabout by Gregory Greene
The Golden Bell by Autumn Dawn
The Hand of God by George McNeur
Planning Armageddon by George McNeur-ebooks free
Across The Pond By Michael McCormick
See Night Run by D.W. St.John

Sometimes referred to as Adventure Fiction, stories in this genre of adventure books often tend to have many aspects similar to other genres, mainly crime, mystery thriller and war and espionage stories. Whereas Action books are usually faster paced with exciting plots and strong hero-type characters in situations and exotic environments.

In general, the adventure ebooks and ebooks available for free download from obooko are written by male authors although many more female authors are writing adventure fiction.