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Liability by Matthew S Williams
Maxaqtacca by Shane Hetrick
36 Hours: the 2nd edition by Anthony Barnhart
Omaha by Kevin O'Kane
The Legend of Darkness and Light by Kristine Williams
Soul Identity by Dennis Batchelder
Across The Water by W. Wm. Mee
1 A.C. Ever Onward by W. Wm. Mee
2 A.C. Fallen Angels by W. Wm. Mee
10 A.C. God Wills It! by W. Wm. Mee
The Nostradamus Revelation by Vincent Pauletti
My Brother's a Spy by Alex Roysh
Murder At Zero Hour by Paul Westwood
The Glass Palace Chronicle by Patricia le Roy
Dodd's Army by John R. Smith
Dodd's Army: Naples by John R Smith
Cashback by Duncan James
Their own game by Duncan James
Motorbike Men by Duncan James
The Big Adventure in Little Bosnia by Kenneth R. Szulczyk
7 Days in May by Peter Barns
The Second American Revolution by Kenneth R. Szulczyk
200 Steps Down - Thriller
Hawks Legend by Robert Turnbull
Short Fuses - Stephen Leather
Rogue Avenger - free ebook
The Wizard That Wasn't
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Preston Diamond In The White House by by C. C. Phillips
Maria Marine by Katherine Mary Young

Here's an excerpt from John R. Smith's adventure story, Dodd's Army: Rain. Solid, streaming, cold, drenching, rain. It started a little before noon - one minute it was sunny with a warm breeze, the next minute, there was a flurry of sprinkling rain, and then suddenly it was bucketing straight down, heavy enough to sting, roaring and clattering through the trees. It came as a shock to the soldiers, who were completely unprepared. They had no wet weather gear, no tent, half of them didn’t even have a hat, lost in the Med somewhere, no shelter ...