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How to Write a Short Story that Works
by Michael Allen

Genre/Category: Arts, Media, Entertainment
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How to Write a Short Story that Works by Michael Allen
Ebook Synopsis

A short story that works is a story which, at the end, makes a reader chuckle, or brings a tear to the reader’s eye, or makes the reader’s jaw drop open in amazement. In other words, it’s a story that generates emotion. The story works in the sense that it makes the reader feel something. The more powerful that feeling or emotion is, the more likely it is that a story might win a prize, or persuade someone to publish it, or cause them to recommend it to someone else – the so-called word-of-mouth effect.

Unlike most books on writing, this one is not going to make any silly promises. It won’t guarantee to make you rich and famous in seven days. What this book will do is show you how to write an effective short story. It will do this by providing you with a proven technique for developing your ideas into perfectly workmanlike pieces of short fiction.