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20 Tips to Keep Poets Happy By Wendy Web
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20 Tips to Keep Poets Happy by Wendy Webb
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The DIY for poets, or friends of poets. Everything you need to keep poets happy - including the 'Ivory Tower'.

Not to be taken entirely seriously!

Extract from the book:

Give them an Ivory Tower

We all know that poets die young – unless they’re Wordsworth, so a good insurance policy might be useful. However, there are poets and poets, and not all of them are as depressive as Coleridge, nor on laudanum (like Coleridge), nor have difficult family circumstances (like Coleridge), nor find themselves unappreciated (like Coleridge!).

But every poet values their own Ivory Tower. It may be a shed at the bottom of the garden, a favourite chair, a room at the top of the house (when it’s not the computer room, the guest bedroom, the box room, the overflow playroom…). It may not be a room at all. If you are like Wordsworth, then booming loudly around the Lakes (and scaring all passing tourists) is your perfect opportunity to ‘sound out’ your poems.

Because all good poets love to read their work aloud – even to themselves (quite often, only to themselves). You would not object to a musician practising out loud, nor an artist painting on a beach somewhere, so why consider the tools of the trade (pen and notebook) less ‘work’ than other arts?

If you give them their Ivory Tower (space and quiet) you may find they are much easier to live with. Or you may find the silence has killed their Muse.

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