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Freedom of Expression by Kembrew McLeod

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Genre/Category: Arts, Media, Entertainment
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Freedom of Expression by Kembrew McLeod
Ebook Synopsis

If you are concerned about free speech and creativity in this multimedia age -- and how copyright law is being used as a tool of censorship -- you’ve come to the right place.

Winner of the American Library Association's Eli M. Oboler Award for "best scholarship in the area of intellectual freedom"

“Freedom of Expression is one of the sharpest weapons in the culture wars being waged over the extensive protections now accorded to intellectual property. A lively read, the book brims with humor, juicy examples, and the voices of those whose creativity is threatened and endangered. If you had any doubts about the way intellectual property is shaping popular culture, Kembrew McLeod will dispel them. The privatization of culture has found its most trenchant critic.” —Rosemary Coombe, author of The Cultural Life of Intellectual Properties