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XOME the ever cheated! By TK Ramchand
Free Stage Play / Drama

Genre/Category: Arts, Media, Entertainment
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XOME the ever cheated! By TK Ramchand
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Ebook Synopsis

When they grew up, Radha and Vinod moved so closely that Radha’s mother Bindu had to warn them. Even if from too younger days, together a boy and girl lived moving very closely, once they turn adolescent the girl shall not believe the boy as for as bodily contact is concerned.

Radha actively participates in the conference. Delegates from all over the world are present. They discuss how even from the time Man came into existence, the female sex had been treated as subordinate to the male sex, in home, in religion, in society, in public, in government, in politics and so on. The only aim is female-male-equality.

Vinod cheats Radha.  Radha avenges.  Justice prevails.