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This genre is unique because it involves using art to describe art. All the arts books free on obooko, along with media books, and entertainment books, have been carefully selected by Obooko to appeal to people from all works of life with diverse interests. Authors that succeed in writing in clear descriptive tones, the details of various aspects of art are rare indeed, but trust Obooko to identify them and make arts books free to readers from every part of the world.

If the art of writing gives you the chills, then you’ll definitely be thrilled by Michael LaRocca’s “about writing”, and so many other Obooko books on writing. If music is your passion, Obooko has a media book for you that lets you in on the mastery of the art of music. For instance, you can download Will Lankstead’s “Banjo Notes” to learn how to play the banjo instrument as it includes detailed guidelines. Films and plays are critically looked into by various books in this genre. There’s definitely something for everyone.

Art is extremely diverse, ranging from visuals and performance to words and sounds. The arts, media and entertainment genre contain very insightful contents that aim to draw the reader in on the beauty of various subjects such as writing, music, plays, and movies. This genre is very detailed, every art book throws more light on a particular artistic subject, with the intention to educate as well as inspire the reader.

The free media books about the art of writing are mostly expository, with articulated information so deep, it could make you feel like you are an expert in the field upon concluding the book. There are books on writing that describe the art beyond the use of pen and paper, giving it life so much that you can almost hear it speak to you.

Free entertainment books on plays and movies give vivid pictures of the world of drama, painting it with vibrant colors so that you can clearly imagine the characters it portrays. The art of music is unraveled, every string of the instrument is dissected to explain how they work harmoniously to create beautiful music that fosters a soothing atmosphere.

The authors express their imaginations aesthetically, their technical and emotional prowess are fully exhibited in every word. All elements of arts and media in form of texture, color, shape, and value, are utilized to create frameworks and analyze ideas.

What’s even more exciting is that you can read all these art books free on Obooko; it’s like an icing on the cake. Obooko free books can be easily downloaded in just one click! Don’t forget to leave a star rating.

Arts, Media, Entertainment books

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The Truth about Writing by Michael Allen
How to Write a Short Story that Works by Michael Allen
Viral Spiral by David Bollier
Abracadabra! by Ray Newman
The Public Domain by James Boyle
Humor and Moroccan Culture by Matthew Helmke
About Writing by Michael LaRocca
Blessed Conversations by Joel Chua Hiang Yang
Composers, Artists & Groups by Mrs C A Hutchins
Scale and Arpeggio Resources: A Guitar Encyclopedia - Rich Cochrane
Short Plays Volume 1 - Ben Macnair
The Man In The Black Veil - Agwu A. Ejem
Zen Culture by Thomas Hoover
Learn Guitar Easy by Fuzzball
Learn Blues Guitar Easy by Fuzzball
Hank Williams Songs and Chords by Fuzzball
Learn All Instruments Easy by Fuzzball
Banjo Notes by Will Lankstead
K'EKCHI GRAMMAR - An Introduction by George Max
20 Tips to Keep Editors Happy Revisited by Wendy Webb
Tips to Keep Inspiration Alive - Wendy Webb (editor)
Seven Plays by Charles Deemer
Lansley Plays 1 by Tax Fries
Lansley Plays 2 by Tax Fries
The Little Guide To Beating Procrastination, Perfectionism and Blocks by Hillary Rettig
Takers Economy: An Inquiry into Illegal File Sharing - Christopher Stewart
The Silver Lining - Moral Deliberations in Films by Sam Vaknin
20 Tips to Keep Poets Happy by Wendy Webb
The Writer's Guide to Monsters by Liz Hardy

The Truth about Writing, a free pdf ebook by Michael Allen covers many aspects of arts, media and entertainment - here's an excerpt: 'I really don’t recommend fame. And surely the beauty of writing is that you can be very successful, in the sense of making money or winning literary prizes, without the inconvenience of having your face recognised. You don’t even have to use your own name! In England, two of the most widely read women writers, known professionally as Jessica Stirling and Emma Blair, are actually men. If you really must be famous ...