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Creative Management for Creative Teams
by Mark McGuinness

Genre/Category: Business Books
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Creative Management for Creative Teams by Mark McGuinness
Ebook Synopsis

As a creative director, business owner or manager of a creative team, the chances are you already coach your people to an extent - and you may be better at it than you realise. But there's also a fair chance that you have received little support in developing your people management skills. In the creative industries, so much attention is lavished on creative ‘talent’ and the products of creativity that vital aspects of the creative process are often overlooked. Such as the massive influence (positive and negative) managers and creative directors have on the creativity of their teams. While many individual managers are doing an excellent job of managing and developing their teams, there is little wider recognition of people management in the creative sector. It’s hard to develop a skill that goes unrecognised. And you don't need me to tell you that managing temperamental creatives can be one of the most challenging jobs going.