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The Ultimate Checklist for Event Planners
By Meghna Mittal

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The Ultimate Checklist for Event Planners. By Meghna Mittal
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Ebook Synopsis

Planning an event is a mammoth task and the job of an event planner can be a tough one. But, before engaging in the detailed work of planning, the most important task is to jot down, meticulously, everything that is required and needs to be done. However, the productivity of newbies, as well as experienced event planners, can be exponentially increased if they don’t have to invest their time into drafting out checklists for this ‘list-making’ phase. Wouldn't it be great if this part was already prepared for you?

Happily, to help you get started, here is a free e-book that contains everything you’ll need to plan an event of any scale.

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Example list:

 Define the Event Objective (WHAT and WHY)

 Define the main purpose of the event

 Define the type of the event (For e.g. - Charity, Promotional, etc.)

 Define the theme of the event

 Define the Target Audience (WHO)

 Define the Date and Time (WHEN)

 Choose a tentative date

 Check if the weather and the season would interfere with your event

 Check if the date clashes with other major event

 Check the availability of venue, speakers, etc. on the given date

 Finalise the date

 Choose tentative timings

 Check the availability of venue

 Check the availability of permissions if it is a late night timing

 Finalise the timings

 Define the Exhibitors

 Choose the type of exhibits

 Define what you need to exhibit

 The exhibits are in sync with the venue theme

 Define the demographics of the exhibitors who might be interested

 Get an estimate of the number of attendees

 Define your audience

 Define the demographics of the desired attendees

 Define the connecting characteristics of the attendees (For e.g. – alumni of the same school)

 Number of attendees

 Number of attendees who have attended previous similar events

 The number of attendees you are planning to invite

 The number of VIPs and Guests to be invited for the event

 The number of exhibitors you plan to permit

 Pick up a Venue (WHERE)

 The Venue size is enough for the approximated number of attendees

 The Venue theme is in sync with the theme or objective of the event

 The Venue provides ample amenities required for the proposed event

 The Venue has proper amenities for the proposed exhibitors

 Create a Basic Action Plan for the event (HOW)

 The primary objective of the event is decided

 The sub parts of the event are decided

 Define timings for each event part