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Weird & Wonderful On The Web: Book 1
By Rod Pitcher

Genre/Category: IT, Computers, Internet
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Weird & Wonderful On The Web: Book 1. By Rod Pitcher
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Ebook Synopsis

There are many weird and wonderful things on the Internet. It depends on how you look at them. One person’s weird is another person’s wonderful. Some things manage to be both weird and wonderful! Or wonderful but weird. Whatever.

Here I introduce a few of both. I have given a bit of an introduction to the particular topic and one or two (or more if they look interesting) sites where you can find out  more. They are only a start. I have to point out that many of the sites are written by people who fanatically believe in what they are saying, or people who fanatically disbelieve, so take them all with the proverbial grain of salt.

Here I discuss the ten Nevertheless, they are interesting, if only to show you some of the weird things that people believe in or do. I don’t pass judgement. I’m all for individual beliefs providing they do no-one any harm. It would be a terribly dull world if we all believed the same things.

Do you want to know more about Flat Earthers, The Aliens Amongst Us, Real Life Super Heroes, Aromatherapy, and some of the other weird and wonderful things to be found on the Internet? If so, then this is the book for you.

This book by no means includes all the websites that refer to the particular topic that you might find. For one thing, there are too many of them. For another, they, like much else on the Internet, are constantly changing. Always, new sites are appearing and old ones disappearing into the lost lands of cyberspace. As information and ideas change the websites are changed to reflect what the owner considers to be the most up-to-date information which supports his/her view. Rarely do they add information which might count against their point-of-view. Just like the rest of the Internet, really.

In presenting the sites in this book I have not argued one way nor the other, neither for nor against any of the topics. This book is not a presentation of my opinion, nor the arguments for or against their existence. It is just a source book from which you might start if you wish to know more about them. It’s up to you to make up your own mind.

Although, of course, I do have my own opinion on each of the topics, I have tried not to let that colour  my choice of sites. My choice was largely random. I simply Googled the topic and had a look at what came up. Hopefully, I have chosen enough variation to show you some representative sites from what is available.

Are conspiracy theories really true?
Nor have I presented the topics in any particular order that might persuade you one way or the other (and thus show  my own bias on the topic). Rather than try to randomly select the topics (which again would probably reveal my bias) I have  presented them in alphabetical order.

Download the book and read on, for an enlightening journey into the Weird and Wonderful world of the Internet, whose boundaries are those of the imagination.

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