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Extreme Sports on the Web
By Rod Pitcher

Genre/Category: IT, Computers, Internet
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Extreme Sports on the Web. By Rod Pitcher
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Ebook Synopsis

Extreme sports are just that – EXTREME. They are the ones where there is no allowance for mistakes. Make one mistake and you are dead.

Here I have gathered together ten of the most extreme sports found on the internet.

These are the VERY dangerous ones. They kill!

There’s no second chance. You make one mistake and that’s it.

I wonder why people do things that are so risky. The psychologists surely have an answer, but I don’t know why.

Well, read the book and decide for yourself. Are extreme sports enthusiasts crazy, or do they just enjoy taking excessive risks? Is there an extreme adrenaline rush to match the level of risk? Why else do they do it?

A NOTE OF WARNING: In no way do I endorse or recommend or otherwise suggest that you take part in any of the sports described  in this book. If you decide for yourself, in a clear state of mind, considering all the risks, to  give them a try, that  is your business. It is no part of my job as author to make or influence your decisions. I just present the information and you make up your own mind.

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