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Extreme Sports on the Web by Rod Pitcher
Urban Myths on the Web. By Rod Pitcher
15 Questions About Social Media. By Massimo Moruzzi
15 Questions About Online Advertising. By Massimo Moruzzi
15 Questions About Native Advertising. By Massimo Moruzzi
What Happened To Advertising? What Would Gossage Do? By Massimo Moruzzi
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From Extreme Sports on the Web, by Rod Pitcher: 'Here I have gathered together ten of the most extreme sports found on the internet. It is my selection of those that I think are most extreme. If you look around you can surely find others. However dangerous a sport may be, someone, somewhere will be doing it. In describing these extreme sports I make no judgement. If a person chooses to take extreme risks with life and limb, that’s their business. I have made my choice of extreme sports largely at random, obtained by simply Googling “extreme sports” and looking at the results. I must admit that just reading about some of them, and looking at the pictures, sent shivers down my spine. I have no wish to see the real thing, nor take part in any of them. Extreme sports are not for me. I like to keep my feet firmly on terra firma, and the firmer the better. But then I’m not a very physical person, much preferring cerebral challenges.'