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Alfred A Timber Wolf's Tale
By Randall Lynn Emery

Category: Family Books & Parenting Books
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Alfred A Timber Wolf's Tale By Randall Lynn Emery
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Ebook Synopsis

A book for reading to young children ... of all ages!

When a circus train moves to the next town, a storm knocks it off of its tracks and the animals on boards find themselves alone, scared, and without anyone to care for them.

Bev, the teaching turtle becomes their mentor and savior teaching them to survive in the wild. Four years after the catastrophe, Alfred the Timber Wolf, wants to be with the humans again. When Alfred leaves the other animals behind in the hope of finding a family, the animals begin to get sick. What happens next? Will the animals die? Will Alfred find the humans?

"Alfred, A Timber Wolf's Tale" is the first in a series of children's books by author Randall L. Emery. Beautifully illustrated by artist, Cynthia Bird with cover art designed by 12 year old Rhianna J. Bullard .