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Celtic Evil: A Fitzgerald Brother Novel: Roarke
by Sierra Rose

Genre/Category: Fantasy Books
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Celtic Evil: A Fitzgerald Brother Novel: Roarke by Sierra Rose
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Ebook Synopsis

The first in a five part paranormal series in which five brothers must each face their own personal challenge against a foe that seeks to destroy their very line.

Once a world famous young singing group, the Fitzgerald Brothers of Fitzgaren, Ireland believed they had it all. Until an ancient witch took the lives of their parents and ended up separating them

Now, it has been fifteen years and that evil has returned to finish the job since the long-time family prophecy has said it will only take one of the five brothers to fall in death or surrender to evil to make it fail.

Reuniting for the first time since their parents deaths, the brothers must get past the pain, their differences and years apart to begin stopping the threat ...


Deep within ancient walls of a stone fortress long thought forgotten, a hand waved over wrinkled and aged paper with text written in a tongue no longer used.

“‘A circle of light, a circle of five. Five into one, one becomes five to unite the circle and protect the light.’”

The hand waved again and pages turned to ash as the man sneered. “Rubbish. All it will take to break the chain is for one to fall.”

Appearing in his sixties with well-kept white hair and healthy for his age, the man walked to a pool of water near a fire. Flicking a hand toward the pool, images formed of the past and present.

“Fifteen mortal years have gone by since the last time I stepped foot from this place, since the last time the circle was almost shredded. My ancient foe gave his life to save it then.  This time, will those born from him and his witch have the strength to stop it or will one of them fall?”

Images flashed in the pool before him until settling on five men, all sharing the smoky eyes that came from their father.  With a sneer, the ancient witch known only as Sebastian took  five stones from his pocket and cast his spell before dropping them into the now swirling water.

“Let us see how strong the sons of Toryn Fitzgerald have become since they’ve been apart this decade and a half. Go, my minions.”

The water boiled and the man laughed as he set in motion events that would kill him or those who he has hated for years.

Chapter 1

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland:

“I don’t see how you can be so calm. This is the first major rehearsal of the play, in front of the whole drama club,” Molly Jackson, a freshman at Dublin’s Trinity College, complained to her companion as they strolled across the campus toward the outdoor amphitheater.

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, but grew up in Boston, the perky, highly energetic black girl with curly black hair and deep brown eyes loved Trinity College and the city of Dublin but had a hard time fitting in a lot of times because she had a tendency to be over-talkative.

It often amazed classmates and teachers alike that her best friend was the young man currently walking along with her as he was a complete opposite in many ways.

“Been there, done that,” Ian Fitzgerald loved the quote he’d heard on television once and loved using it when he could, especially when he knew it annoyed Molly.

At eighteen, Ian was a junior at Trinity since he had entered a full year earlier than most did. Majoring in drama while in college, he often felt he’d been on stage since he was born, and  in many ways he’d be right.

The youngest of the singing Fitzgerald Brothers, he’d been on stage with his older brothers at the age of two but hadn’t sang publicly or even been united with all four brothers in fifteen years. Not since the funeral of their parents had he seen all his brothers at once.

Ian didn’t recall his early years or much about his family. His basic memory was of growing up in Dublin with distant cousins Sybil and Brandon Sullivan.

As their only child, he knew he had had more than most and even more than his brothers, so he didn’t question too much.