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Celtic Evil: A Fitzgerald Brothers Novel: Ian
by Sierra Rose

Genre/Category: Fantasy Books
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Celtic Evil: A Fitzgerald Brothers Novel: Ian by Sierra Rose
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Ebook Synopsis

Ian Fitzgerald’s life is a lie. At eighteen, he’s attending University, has a loving foster family & dreams of becoming an actor. This normal life comes to a halt when he learns the truth of his life. The evil Warlock that killed his parents is looking for revenge. He has chosen Ian for his next target. Now, Ian must fight to save himself & the love of his life from death or all is lost.


A Circle of light, a circle of five, five into one, one becomes five to unite the circle and protect the light.

Centuries ago, the prophecy foretold the coming destruction of the evil Warlock Sebastian by five warriors united by blood who must face their own demons to prove their worth.

Sebastian has fought to destroy that prophecy with every generation of his ancient foes, and after a fifteen-year banishment has returned to finally succeed in his goal for he has many plans set in motion to defeat the sons of his most hated rival, the late Toryn Fitzgerald.

The silver haired Warlock knew that he had underestimated his foes the first time and had failed to kill the fourth born son of the Fitzgerald clan for a second time.

Now, with a better grasp on what makes them tick and what makes them weak, he knows what he must do to either kill or turn just one of the remaining four.

However, his plan will also work if anything happens to any of them, which is a plan that his current accomplice is still willing to see happen.

Lightning crashed through the dark stormy skies over a well-kept manor in the Irish city of Waterford and it mirrored the dark mood of one of its occupants.

“It should have been easy to claim his life.”

Sebastian had still not grown accustomed to being out of his unearthly realm, yet the richly decorated home of Kathleen Murphy Fitzgerald suited him well.

However, at times the woman’s incessant complaining grated on his last nerve. “We both underestimated your grandsons the last time, Katie,” he turned from watching the storm to see the well-trimmed silver/black haired Irish woman frown. “Neither of us expected the lads to bond that quickly and I certainly wasn’t expecting the little trick that Roarke pulled from his hat. I still intend to burn him and his whore for that.”

The memory of being made a fool of by Roarke Fitzgerald still grated almost as bad as the pain he suffered from the wound and the scars that still showed on Sebastian’s otherwise perfect face.

“Assure me Roarke’s death, Sebastian and I will still deliver what I promised.” Kathleen remarked, sipping a glass of wine and pouring him one. “I’ll give you your freedom and the end of the prophecy so long as you give me what I desire most.”

Smiling, Sebastian took the crystal wineglass and lightly tapped it against hers. “Katie girl, I vowed that you would regain control of Fitzgaren manor and that I’d give you the death of your grandson and I will do both,” he assured her then scowled. “However, Kerry will be on guard now so getting close to them won’t be easy.”

“Aye, Kerrigan has his mother’s ability there but there is a way to get close to one of them.” Kathleen tapped a nail on her glass. “It hurts a grandmother’s heart to think of using Ian in such a way but he’s the easiest to handle at this stage and if we follow my plan, the lad won’t even suspect the danger he’s in or from whom,” She smiled as an evil look entered her eyes. “My beloved Toryn didn’t have the time to teach Ian not to trust everyone and he believes that he’s safe from her.”

Sebastian chuckled, clinking glasses with her again. “You, Katie, are a woman after my own heart,” he decided proudly. “A toast to a successful plot and to the death of your foe as well as my own. May we each get what we desire most.”

“Aye and we shall,” Kathleen promised as lightning scored the night sky again. “I’ve plotted well these past fifteen years for occasions such as this and now promises made will be called in and my grandsons will learn that they should not have spurned my advice.”

“As I said, a woman after my own black heart,” he laughed, letting himself imagine. “The Circle of Five will soon be no more and once again my power will reign supreme in this land and it will only take one simple betrayal of the most innocent.”

Laughter echoed in the manor as the weather outside echoed the evil plans being hatched inside.