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Into Her Own by Amanda Winters

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Into Her Own by Amanda Winters
Ebook Synopsis

This is book1 in the Queens of Raz series. Download book 2 - book 3 - book 4

Into Her Own is a light-hearted fantasy about a regular 21-year-old woman from Earth who learns that she is going to be the Queen on a distant planet called Raz. Hathor is sent to bring her to her new home, but first she must survive attacks from the Palers who seek to kill her before she can assume the crown. She must also choose who will be her king: William or Hathor.


North Dakota, United States of America.

The more Ann Kerwin tried to concentrate on her story, the more she was distracted. Nothing seemed to work. It was true she wrote for pleasure, but lately she hadn't had any motivation.

She closed her eyes. The music playing from her radio sank into her mind, and suddenly she was in another place at another time.

William smiled at her as he reached for her hand. "This is my song for you."

Her heart melted when he kissed her. It was that single kiss, their very first kiss, that she realized she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

She loved him and he loved her. That was never in doubt. Then she found out she had to move to Florida and leave Ohio and her only love behind. She had no choice, for she was seventeen and was a senior in high school. Had she been old enough for college, she could have stayed. He was only eighteen, and they were too young to resist the move.

It was, of course, a hard and emotional goodbye for them. They clung to each other, cried, and promised to remain together despite the distance.

Time passed, as it always does. She held on but he eventually let go. It was too painful for him to keep holding on, and it was too painful for her to let go. He assured her they would always be friends, but she just couldn't seem to deny any romantic attachment to him.

Now it was four years later. She was twenty-one. She had a chance to return to Ohio and he still lived there, but deep down inside, she knew it wouldn't be the same, especially since he was looking for another type of girl now. So instead of going back to a painful memory, she decided to try somewhere completely new: Fargo, North Dakota.

She opened her eyes and glanced around the apartment. Did she belong here? The university classes would start next week. Meanwhile, she was trying her best to forget her loneliness by writing a story. She used to get so much joy out of writing. These days, however, she didn't get any pleasure out of it. In fact, she didn't get much pleasure out of anything.

"This is useless," she muttered to herself as she threw asideĀ  her pen and paper.

She turned off the lights and fell into a blissful sleep that temporarily wiped aside her loneliness.