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RuneCraft by Michael J. Losacco

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RuneCraft by Michael J. Losacco
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Ebook Synopsis
RuneCraft is the first book in a trilogy of high fantasy novels that explores deep, metaphysical themes. The story revolves around Peter Uriel, who, after making his transition, is sent to another world to save them from utter ruination. Here they have waited a thousand years for the Destroyer, some in anticipation of being brought to light, others in fear of being enveloped by darkness. But can Uriel master his chosen Path, traversing the chasm between white and black magic?

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Rivulets of rain wound their way down the solitary window. Though his vision was deteriorating, he still stared through the glass pane. While he could only make out the dull grey of the clouds from where he laid, they allowed his mind to wander, momentarily diverting his attention away from the constant pain that wracked his body. He felt it would be over soon, maybe even today. The thought, however, did not frighten him. Death was an old friend. The Reaper had left him until the end, collecting everyone else that mattered to him, so that it could repeatedly administer that anguish of loss and mire him in the despair that followed. When will it be my time? he often wondered. A tight smile formed on his lips, thinking he may finally have the answer.

He focused on the clouds again and they seemed to draw him to the window. With great effort, he willed himself to rise from the bed. At only thirty years of age, it was difficult for him to accept his condition. Every movement caused him considerable pain. Pain, he thought. I have felt pain for so long. Too long. I’m so tired of it. Why? Why can’t this end. Why can’t it just be over? He dragged his frail body very slowly to the window a few feet away and gazed up at what were the now familiar grey clouds. Memories came back to him, memories he did not wish to deal with. He felt the tears well up in his eyes and although his mind tried to escape, the memories still overtook him…

Parents dying when I was young... All alone... And scared... The wake... The flowers... That sweet reek from the flowers... The funeral... School... Kids making fun of me... Still alone... Still scared... Playing quarterback... Winning... The injury... Meeting Annie... Spring... Falling in love... Annie breaking up with me... Alone again... Honors... Then Julie... Constantly going out and breaking up... Julie leaving... Alone once more... Getting the job... The special project... Meeting Lynn... Lynn... Lynn, I'll always love you darling... The wedding... Having Danny... Completing the project... Lynn and Danny dying... Damn! Why? Always alone... Always that pain, that emptiness... And now this sickness...


The sudden explosion of pain wrenched him back into reality. He doubled up and fell, lying crumpled on the floor. Death was taking him and he had no desire to fight it. In that final moment he saw a ray of sunlight breaking through the clouds and thought that it was finally ending. Although Peter Uriel lay dying, it was only truly beginning.


Though he was dead, Peter was completely aware of his surroundings in the room. Time ceased to exist as he entered a new plane of existence. He knew the essence of life was leaving his body. The union between his true Self and his vehicle, his body, was being dissolved. He sensed that a thin stream of energy was exiting his body through his head. The stream was moving outward at a forty-five degree angle, creating a line of energy to some fixed point in the new plane of existence. While the experience was uncomfortable, it was not painful. The stream steadily continued to flow outward until it paused momentarily. Then there was a slight tug and the stream gently detached itself from what had been the most recent physical incarnation of Peter Uriel.

Peter's true Self, his energy, now existed on a more evolved plane. While still aware of the physical plane, his consciousness expanded to include this higher plane as well. His inner vision came into focus, physical senses replaced by metaphysical ones. His Soul performed an audit, contemplating the experiences of this past incarnation and selecting the three themes which he would use to lay the foundation for his next incarnation. In order to progress to his next level, he would have to overcome solitude and fear while mastering the aspects of his lower nature. He then removed the last bond to his past incarnation, his emotions. Peter Uriel experienced timelessness until he was prepared to begin his next incarnation.