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The Guardians by Max M. Power
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The Guardians by Max M. Power
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Ebook Synopsis

Good and evil: the battle between them is as old as creation. Azazel will obliterate anyone who gets in his way, the Guardians included. The strongest of the Guardians, Demetrius, is the only one who stands in the way of Azazel and his goal, Armageddon. Demetrius, with the love of his life by his side, is determine to prevent his brother succeeding.

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The building was the tallest in the city.  In the heart of downtown, it was built to double as a lookout post incase of an invasion from the air.  After the attack on Pearl Harbor the U.S. Navy was not going to take any more chances.

The roof did not look like a typical lookout post but then again it was not suppose to.  Each of the four corners had a gargoyle looking out over the city.  Inside the eyes of the gargoyles is where the cameras were placed so a recording could be made of any attack.

This building was perfect for Demetrius.  Being a Guardian means watching over mankind and the best place to watch is from high above.  Demetrius loves being up high, it allows him to appreciate all that his father has created.  Being up high also allowed Demetrius a chance to think with a clear head and a clear head is what Demetrius needed right now.

A month has passed since Azazel had approached Demetrius on the rooftop.  Demetrius has been feeling something unexplainable deep inside his soul, something negative, something evil.

Homeless people that Demetrius would visit on a regular basis were starting to disappear without a trace.  The police do not work hard when it comes to finding missing homeless people; they have too much to deal with already.  Homeless are prime targets for Fallen Angels because most have hit rock bottom already.  The homeless will not put up any type of fight when a Fallen Angel tries to collect their soul.

Most of the world may have given up on the homeless but Jehovah still loved them, so Demetrius had to try to save them.  Dressing like a priest and working at a homeless shelter Demetrius was able to gain the trust of some of the homeless.

Demetrius helped to clean up their lives.  They were no longer drinking or using drugs.  They were getting a sense of purpose.  Demetrius was able to do this by reading the bible to them as well as telling them stories that were not in the bible.  Stories of his time in heaven before the great battle.

Demetrius was once an Enforcer, an Angel that kept other Angels in line.  When an Angel came to earth and did something they were not suppose to do then the Enforcers would come down, find the Angels, and bring them before Jehovah.

In the beginning of mankind there was plenty of temptation.  Man was created in God's image but woman was a different story.  Women were modeled after female Angels, the most beautiful creatures in the Universe.  Male Angels now had another avenue when it came to companionship.  Some came down and married the daughters of man.  That's how the Nephilim were born.

The Nephilim were never suppose to be.  Angels were not suppose to mate with women.  Angelic blood running through human hearts was unnatural.  It caused the Nephilim to be deformed, largely overgrown and hateful toward regular humans.

The Nephilim, with their vast strength and superior knowledge, felt they should rule the earth. Being encouraged by their fathers, the Nephilim became pure evil, hunting and eating man rather than beast.  They were lawless and without fear.

Those bad Angels sat back, enjoying the havoc their children were causing.  When Jehovah had enough HE sent Demetrius down to earth to bring back those Angels to face judgment.  Some Angels went into hiding while the Nephilim caused as much chaos as they could.

The Angels would use the Nephilim to distract Demetrius.  Demetrius did not want to fight the Nephilim because with their Angelic strength they could fight back and cause massive damage.  The battles would last for days but soon Demetrius found that he needed to destroy all of the Nephilim if he was to ever complete his task.

Demetrius was beginning to remember the final battle he had with the Nephilim.  Demetrius had hunted them all down, killing them.  The Nephilim were deep in the mountains where they could easily hide.  Demetrius and two of his Enforcers, Daniel and Saul, had been hunting them for three days.  Each time the Enforcers got close the Nephilim barely escaped with their lives.

Demetrius, Daniel, and Saul were the best of all the Enforcers.  Demetrius, however, was the strongest, more sensitive to other Angels trying to hide.  Demetrius lead his brothers deeper into the mountains, moving forward with caution.  There was something more than the Nephilim in the mountains, there was a sense of pure evil.  Only three Angels were capable of such evil and Demetrius knew who they were.  Daniel and Saul were not aware of the evil presence; they could not feel anyone beyond the Nephilim.

"You smell that filth," Saul said as they walked through a deep canyon.  "They are close." Daniel looked down at his left shoulder before drawing his sword.  Even though the wound had healed completely, Daniel could still feel the sting of Moar's spear, the oldest of the Nephilim they were hunting.

"Put away your sword," Demetrius said, scanning the horizon.  "Now is not the time for battle." "Demetrius now is the time to strike," Daniel protested.  "They are weak."

"They are resting," Demetrius answered, "as should we."

"They will not be able to fight" Saul added, "Daniel is right, now is the time to strike."

Demetrius turned to face both Enforcers.  "Do not question me.  I say we wait so we wait."  Letting out a deep sigh Demetrius calmed himself.  "Now we need rest.  I will stand the first watch."

Reluctantly Daniel and Saul settled down to rest.  They were earthbound until their task of destroying all of the Nephilim was completed.  Both Angels were indeed tired but they were not going to admit it to Demetrius.  It was not long before Demetrius was alone with his thoughts.  Demetrius could feel evil tugging at his very core.