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Back Again by Larry Rich

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Back Again by Larry Rich
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Ebook Synopsis

Pre-life. A story from this perspective, of life as we think we understand it, may surprise, comfort or challenge you. This is the odyssey of a soul as it exists in the fascinating realm of the pre-life, existing with absolute freedom in limitless realms – while waiting with trepidation to be born, to be sent back again.


Like I am, you’re a part of it, but you, like me, know nothing about it. Or, almost nothing. You may think you do, but believe me, you don’t. From my vantage point, I have a different view of things. A different perspective. You will too, in time. For now, I would just like to share with you the journey. My journey. Your journey.

Don’t ask me when it began because nobody knows. Nobody. I can only tell you that everyone here has been around for a very long time. Including you. We’re learning all the time, some more than others. We all make mistakes, some more than others. All of us, including you, have a degree of control over our respective destinies, but you may be surprised to learn how that plays out. Life, as we here understand it, is far more complex, fun, incomprehensibly multi-faceted and simple than you could possibly imagine.

Who am I? Call me Abi. Over here, we are neither male nor female, rather a bit of both. Let’s talk more about that later. We’re actually just a part of … ‘it’ … ‘something’. Calling it anything is inconsequential as being here is all that matters.

This, here, is where it is really happening. Where you are now is only a stepping-stone along an infinite path. How you balance on that stone will, however, have a direct and irreversible impact on the remainder of your journey. Again, not how you may imagine.


When I arrived here, I was shocked. Goodbyes and farewells and I’ll miss you’s are much more energy draining on those left standing on the earth than those lowered into it. I remember how much energy I used up when I had to say goodbye to someone, as opposed to the energy-rush I experienced when I passed over, died, croaked, bought it or whatever else you care to call the return. Yes, the return… because it started over here and not over there as you may suspect.

My physical body was totally irrelevant in relation to how I am now. I loved that physical body while I had it, but nothing can compare to what I have, the way I really am.

You and I, in our true states, are entities – for lack of a better term, yet you may not understand that. We are energy, in sync with the incomprehensible universe that we are fortunately a part of. I’ll explain this to you as it was once explained to me a very long time ago (let’s leave a discussion on the concepts of time for later in the story) …

The Return

On that particular day, I found myself floating well above a tree line and I was confused. I was thinking to myself that this is more than strange. Maybe a dream.

“No, you’re not dreaming.” I heard the voice, but saw nothing. “You’ve simply returned and now you’re ready.”

Returned to where? I thought to myself. And ready for what? I loved the view.

“To put this in temporary terms that you will understand … you’re dead.”

Right. And we’re carrying on a conversation. This was one helluva dream.

“I told you that this is not a dream. Follow me.”

I suddenly found myself following him, her, it and I had absolutely no idea how. I could see only the panorama below of trees and gentle rolling hills that were quickly approaching me as if I were falling, albeit at a controlled and fearless pace. I then found myself on the shaded side of a large dark rock that must have been the size of a house. Below me the hill slid away down and to the left.

“Now, focus on the rock directly in front of you and tell me what you see.”

I see a big rock, you clown and noth… whoaaaaaaa. There >was >something there.


I think I see a kind of a small cloud. No definitive shape, yet about the size of something I could wrap my arms around. What am I looking at?

“Me. And I’m not a clown. I’m like you and everyone else who ever was and is.”

Whoever was communicating with me was calm, gentle and obviously in charge of the moment. Now, I was intrigued. Ok, you’ve got my attention. Now, who are you really?

“Well, I’m not anybody that you know. I am known as Mo. We all have only one name.”


“Sure, we. For the moment, you and I are alone, but I assure you that in a large gathering you would recognize me instantly and communicate with me as you are now.”

Ok, Mo, you’re God, right? Have I been good?

“No, I’m not God, but thank you for the compliment. As to you having been good, I can only say that you were good enough to be here as you are now. If you had been otherwise, then you and I would not be communicating as we are.”