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A Magical History - Book 1 of The Mauve Legacy
by Emma Hart

Genre/Category: Fantasy Books
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A Magical History - Book 1 of The Mauve Legacy by Emma Hart
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Download book 2 and 3: Truth, Lies and Betrayal;  The Beginning Of The End

Lily Mauve's parents move her 1700 miles across the country to the town of Salem and into the 400 year old family home. It's here Lily discovers the extensive magical history of the Mauve family, learns about her own powers and falls deeply in love with her new best friend's brother. She meets family she never knew she had, but she quickly grows to love them. She allies with vampires, creatures she thought were made up. Everything is tipped upside down when one of her new friends is hurt at the Homecoming dance because of who she is, and when the attempts on Lily's life start she realises fear is no longer an option. Her Uncle eventually lets slip the true meaning of her Grand-mamar's prophecy and Lily's world changes. She wants to go quietly, save the people she loves but her rare mental connection with Ava means Ava knows her every thought, and she won't let her go. But ultimately, she must fight for the safety of those closest to her, even when lightning strikes
 and her family's world is shattered.

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I looked up at the house in front of me. Ivy and honeysuckle snaked their way up the cracked paint on the walls, surrounding the doors and windows. The windows were old fashioned with shutters on the outside, and the door had a small glass window with a large brass knocker. The house was large, just as Dad had promised. The grass around the house was dying, the yellow blades mixing in with the oranges, browns and reds of the leaves that were falling from the trees that lined the property. My father stood behind me and put his hand on my shoulder.

''It's not that bad here, pumpkin. I promise.''

I turned and raised a well-plucked eyebrow. ''Yeah, right. Who are you trying to kid, Dad?''

''I grew up here kiddo, don't forget that. Your Grand-mamar left us this place when she died, there was no point us paying for the house back in Colorado when we have this one here.''

''You've moved me nearly two thousand miles away from my friends into..'' I looked back at the house and flung my arm dramatically towards it. ''This place! How can it be anything but bad?!''

''Now, now, Lily. Watch that temper young lady.'' My mother's gentle voice admonished as she walked up to the front door, large brass key in hand.

''Ugh!'' I stomped up the path after her and through the old door into our new home.

I stood in the hallway and took it in. Spider webs hung from the beams on the ceiling and in the corners of the hall. My lip curled in disgust as I walked through the nearest door to the living room. The walls were the colour of mud and dust caked the hard wood floor beneath my feet, dislodging slightly as I walked across the room. I ran my finger over the top of the open fireplace that sat in the centre of the far wall and wrinkled my nose at the thick layer of dust and grime that sat on top of it. I could hear my mother pottering about in the kitchen and went through a door at the other end of the living room that lead into the other room.

The kitchen was white, and large windows let the sun shine through behind the sink. A pantry sat in the corner of the room and a large oak table took up the centre of the room. A vase of fresh flowers already sat in the middle of the table, I noted as I washed my hands in the sink. I sneezed and Mum turned to me, yellow gloves in hand.

''This place just needs a good clean, that's all Lily. It has been empty for a year.'' She gave me a sad smile and I got the feeling Mum wasn't too happy with the move either, despite what she said to Dad.

I just grunted slightly. ''Is there anything to drink in here?''

''There's some cola cans in the fridge. The other furniture should be here soon so I need to get on with this cleaning. Any chance of some help?''

''Not a chance. Sorry, Mum.''

She sighed as I popped the top on my can and left the room. I slowly made my way up the stairs, the boards creaking ominously with every step I took. Upstairs there was five bedrooms, far too many for the three of us. Even when my sister, Rose, came back from Uni it would be too many. I shook my head and inspected each room. They were still decorated as they would have been when Dad and his brothers were younger even though all the furniture had been removed. I passed the master bedroom which already had my parents' suitcases in to the next room. Two doors came off the wall to my right which I opened, discovering an en-suite and a walk in closet. The room was slightly rectangular, but large. A wide window seat sat below the open windows, and I could see the dust particles circulating around me in the air. The walls were cream and the floor the same, dusty hardwood that the rest of the house had.

I turned on my heel and went downstairs into the front room. I found my mum scrubbing the walls, and dad mopping the floor with vigour. I walked over to the cleaning boxes in the corner and extracted a pair of gloves, a duster, a sponge and grabbed a bucket of soapy water. I grabbed one of the brooms in the corner and made my way back to the stairs. Mum was staring at me open mouthed.

''Lily, what are you doing?''

''I'm cleaning my room, Mum.''

''I guess she found the room with the bathroom and walk in closet then.'' I vaguely heard my dad say in an amused tone as I made my way up the creaky stairs to scrub my new room.


The furniture arrived that evening. Downstairs was scrubbed and cleaned and free of dust, along with our rooms upstairs. The three of us sat on the sofa eating pizza. Mum decided against cooking after a day spent cleaning and ordered take out.

''What's up, pumpkin?'' My dad asked softly as I sat picking at the cheese on my slice of pizza.

''Huh?'' I looked up. ''Oh nothing. Just thinking about tomorrow.''

Tomorrow I was starting the local high school. I was not looking forward to it. In my old school I was popular, one of the best cheerleaders on the squad. Everyone expected me to be picked for Head Cheerleader in senior year next year. I guess now that spot would go to my best friend, Jane. I sighed at the thought and took a small bite.

''It won't be that bad, honey.'' My mum reassured me. ''Besides, your cousin, Grace will be there. You're the same age.'' She smiled slightly.

''My cousin? Why didn't you guys tell me this?'' I glared at them accusingly.

Dad shrugged. ''I didn't think you'd be so worried about school. You were never like this before.''

''Yes, Dad, because this is a new school! In Colorado I was happy! I was popular, a cheerleader in the running to be head cheerleader next year, I had friends, a possible boyfriend, then you pick me up and drop me here!'' I sunk back into my chair in defeat and rubbed my temples. ''I want to go home.''

''This is your home now, Lily.'' Dad's brown eyes stared at me. ''It'll be better for you living here, than in that city for the rest of your life. Trust me.'' I looked up and I could swear his eyes flashed an icy blue with violet flecks for a second. I shook my head and excused myself to my room.