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The Beginning Of The End - Book 3 of The Mauve Legacy by Emma Hart

Genre/Category: Fantasy Books
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The Beginning Of The End - Book 3 of The Mauve Legacy by Emma Hart
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Ebook Synopsis

Download books 1 and 2: A Magical History;  Truth, Lies and Betrayal

A rescue mission, coming face to face with a notorious witch hunter and destroying an old, evil building - its all in a days work for witch, Lily Mauve. With Ivy safe, Lily can justify a week in Florida to see Grandma Bea with her Mother, sister Rose, best friend Ava and boyfriend Josh. But of course, like everything in Lily's life, it's just not that simple. Another family secret is waiting to be uncovered. Two untrained witches are joining their ranks along with a small coven of vampires. 

A casual evening on the beach ends with a fight against Henry Luther's new minions - Hell's demons. This new revelation puts a spanner in the works - and Lily's ever growing powers don't help either.
Returning home after the less than relaxing vacation, Devlin introduces Lily to the new wolf in the pack, Craig. Wolves have one mate for life, and Craig claims Lily is his. Thrown into yet another love triangle, Lily must keep her wits about her and remember the ultimate goal. 
After a vamp/demon attack, Lily knows the witch hunter is testing her. The arrival of her third moon means only one thing to her - the end is near.

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I paced the floor of the front room in the safe house in New Ashford. Chewing my thumbnail until it bled. I'd sent the third team to Goodson Farm for surveillance and new we were waiting for our cues to leave and rescue Ivy.

Luther had really hit a nerve when he called last night giving me a twenty-four hour time limit. I'd jumped out of bed and called everyone frantically. Not that any of them were too impressed at me waking them at 3am, but they soon hopped into action at the mention of Luther's name. I'd spent an hour after the calls packing in a blind panic and running the plan over and over in my mind, calmed only by Josh wrapping his arms around me. I really don't know what I would have done if we hadn't made up.

The question still remained though – did we tell Ivy the truth about our lives and how we found her, or get Louise to work her mind magic? Ava assured me I'd figure it out, but now.. I wasn't so sure. I didn't feel right about using mind magic on one of my best friends, but then I didn't know if it was fair to expose myself and my friends, and our secrets, to a human with no family ties to any of us.

Regardless of her love of Wicca and obsession with Twilight.

At least we'd decided on how Ivy would be 'found.' We were going to drive her to River Forest Park and leave her in the forest where two of Elijah's vampires would 'find' her and phone the Salem Police Department. Not exactly the best idea in the world, but it was all we had.

''Stop making your thumb bleed, love. You're making me hungry.'' Justin's British accent filtered down the hall and I turned to see him walk through the door.

''Sorry. I'm just.. so nervous.'' I said pathetically.

''Don't be, I have every faith in you.'' He chucked himself down on the old, rickety sofa. ''Couldn't have got any better furniture, could you?'' He asked with a cheeky grin. I scowled at him.

''Take that up with your Master. He's the one that found this place, not me.''

''Stole it, more like.''

I sighed. We didn't exactly steal it. Ava has the power of compulsion, or influence as it's sometimes called, and kinda talked the owners into selling us the place for a pitiful amount. I have no doubt they would have been extremely confused when they woke up the next day, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and this was a very desperate time.

''Sit.'' Justin commanded, patting the space on the sofa next to him. I wrinkled my nose.


He shot me a look and I reluctantly crossed the room and sat next to him. He wrapped a cold muscular arm around me and I rested my head on his shoulder. Besides Ava, he was the best friend a girl could ask for.

The others were talking in the kitchen, I could hear Ava and Maya enthusiastically describing how amazing Prom would be compared to Homecoming. A lump formed in my throat as I thought about the fact my Dad would never see me attend my first Prom.

''Don't cry, love. What are you thinking about?'' Justin asked as he gently wiped a tear from my cheek.

Well. I didn't even know I was crying.

''Prom.'' I whispered.

''Markus would be proud of you, Lily, and you know it. Take some of that emotion and put it into tonight, okay?'' He said softly.

I shook my head and got up, moving to the window. I rested my hands on the cracked windowsill and looked out into the Massachusetts countryside. We were about twenty minutes outside of New Ashford, in a small village. We were surrounded by rolling green fields, flourishing trees and best of all, silence. I gazed out at the sky, the once bright sun was loitering on the horizon in a state of indecision. Did it set? Or not?

Because if it did...

Ribbons of red, orange and purple streamed across the sky as the light blue of day gave way to the indigo of night. If I looked hard enough, I could see the faint outline of the half-moon and a few random stars. I pressed my fingertips against the window as I studied the natural work of art before me. In that moment, I could believe I was a normal seventeen year old girl watching the sunset, and I let myself believe it.

A gentle, warm hand was placed on my shoulder. I didn't need to turn to know it was Josh. Justin must have got him. I leaned back into his chest as his hand slipped down my back to my waist, providing me the comfort only he could give me. My mind was open, but Ava was silent. She knew when not to talk.

''I love you.'' Josh murmured into my ear, placing a gentle kiss on my temple.

''I love you too.'' I whispered back. And I really, truly, did. Even if it took some she-wolf enchanting him to make me realise just how much. That reminds me, she still owes me a conversation. Hope Jerome's cell is comfy.

Ava's cell rang in the kitchen as I watched the sun slowly edge lower.

And lower.

And lower.

Lily, we have to leave. I'll see you on the other side. Ava's calm voice echoed in my mind. I heard the click of the back door as the second team left the house.

I love you. Be safe. I said back to her.

Always. I felt her blow me a mental kiss and I shut my eyes. Everything would be fine. It had to be.