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Avalon: Trail of the Tor by Liz Marx
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Avalon: Trail of the Tor by Liz Marx
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When the last descendant of the legendary wizard Merlin left in Avalon dies, it is up to Connor Evans to take his children back to the isle in order to save it, unaware of the new dangers lurking in every corner of his new home.


Long before his death, Merlin created a blood spell to ensure that Avalon would cease to exist the second his blood was no longer present on the isle. Unbeknownst to anyone – even Merlin himself, he had fathered a child and therefore the isle’s existence continued. In modern day England, Connor Evans lives with his two teenaged twins Caleb and Chloe, having fled Avalon after his wife’s death. When his father in law is on his death bed, it is time for Connor to take his children back to Avalon to ensure that the isle would continue to exist and be home to the various magical creatures inhabiting it. Connor is unaware, however, of the various dangers his children would have to face – including a woman who used to be his friend and is now intent on destroying the island in order to set magic free upon the outside world.

The day started out like any other. In the Evans household, everything was remarkably usual. Connor Evans woke up first. He baked Blueberry pancakes, drank his usual cup of coffee while reading the morning paper and then proceeded to wake his children. After breakfast, Caleb and Chloe had gotten dressed before heading to their rooms, Chloe carrying her cell phone against her ear and Caleb distractedly paging through a new computer magazine. It was an ordinary day – just like any other day in their lives. Everything changed, as soon as Connor turned on the television. Fourteen years of pretended normalcy ceased to exist. Even though he turned it to some music program, it merely flickered for a few seconds before switching to the news.

“Several people have reported seeing mysterious lights flickering over the Glastonbury Tor in the last three days. One onlooker described the lights as glowing baubles which floated and added that the lights moved around as though they were dancing. In other news…”

Connor reached for the remote, turning the television off at once. He sat down slowly, fear nestling inside him. He could hear Caleb and Chloe’s laughter echoing throughout the house.

“They’re not ready.”

The desperate plea was whispered to the emptiness around him, but did nothing to ease his fears. Avalon. It was his home, but then Meryl died and he couldn’t come to terms with living there anymore. He had to take his children and leave. He knew the rules however. His wife’s father, Marlon had taken him aside when he had insisted on leaving all those years ago his voice urgent.

“You have to know that this is no permanent solution, Connor. They are going to have to come back.”

He wanted to refuse, tell the man that there was no way he’d ever return. But Marlon continued before he could open his mouth to speak. “You know the rules, Connor. You are aware of course, that my great ancestor Merlin, created the island of Avalon in an attempt to find a true magical home.”

Connor could only nod, unable to speak. “No one even knew that Merlin had a child, no one knew who the child’s mother was. Merlin himself did not know it until he was on his deathbed and that is when he told the child that he had intended Avalon to disappear with his death. However, as his blood was inside the child, Avalon would not cease to exist as long as he – and his children – lived there.”

Connor realised what it meant. When Marlon died, his children would have to go to Avalon to keep it from vanishing.

The lights could only mean one thing. Marlon was dying. It was time to take his children back to the place he had once called home. It was time to go back to Avalon. He shuddered. His children were still playing outside, unaware that soon their peaceful existence would be shattered with the realisation that they would return to the place they had only heard of until now. Fourteen years, he had raised them as ordinary children, desperately believing that it could stay like that forever.

He never knew things could change so fast.

The magic of Avalon was slowly fading away along with Marlon’s last power to hold on to life. Even here, on her throne in the Castle of Camelot, she could feel it. Soon, there would be no more Avalon and they’d all be free to join the world outside of the protection of the magical island. Zephyra’s mouth twisted in an ugly smirk. Of course, the silly little Nomads would not be happy with that. Fools. They were satisfied with being hidden away here with their limited power, too afraid to pursue something greater. But not her.

Memories of years ago, a blonde man from beyond the borders of Avalon rushed to her mind and a tortured scream left her mouth. The throne disintegrated as her hand grasped the sides and she leant forward, her breathing rushed. “No.” She couldn’t allow the memories to return and make her vulnerable. She wouldn’t.

“My Lady!” Her thoughts were interrupted by a young woman entering quickly, her dark eyes wide in her head.

“Lady Zephyra…”


Zephyra looked at the young shape shifter irritably. Though a capable fighter, the girl panicked too easily – as was evident by the sound of her voice now.

“There have been… rumours.”

“What rumours?”

Zephyra’s voice was sharp as she glared at the girl and Nola took a step backwards.

“There are children. Two. They are descendants of Merlin. They…”

“Impossible! I can feel the magic disappearing! There are none of his descendants in Avalon anymore!”

Madness haunted Zephyra’s black eyes and Nola looked down quickly. “They are not here yet, Lady Zephyra, but… they are on their way.”

An enraged scream left Zephyra’s throat and she lifted her hand, sending Nola across the room. The shape shifter crashed into the wall, rubble falling down next to her instantly. Zephyra watched the crumbling wall for a second and with a wave of her hand, rebuilt a throne. She sat down on it and eyed Nola – suddenly calm.

“That is not good news, Nola.”

Nola resisted the insane urge to roll her eyes at the older woman. Instead, she nodded.

“I know.”

“Get out.”