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The Moons of Elyan by CBS
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Genre/Category: Fantasy Books
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The Moons of Elyan by CBS
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Jared MacCarren's business is falling apart; his life makes less and less sense; and, lately, he can't stop thinking about an old love. But what's to come will change his world in a way neither he nor we could ever expect.


She sauntered down the stairs and to him in an outfit more gone than on. As she reached the wall directly across from him, she stopped, pretending to notice something on her scarlet stilettos. Her tongue caressed her finger, slowly, and she stared at Jared as if she wanted him to know how that might feel. Then her body obediently curved down, and as it did, her top dropped till Jared could see her breasts.

Maya delicately rubbed her shoe, pulsating her supple, tight body--turning it slightly till Jared had full view of what was under her tiny skirt. She was wearing no panties.

As her body snaked and turned compliantly further and further to standing, she cocked her head, her long blonde hair cascading, and smiled at him, “It’s been a long time, Jared.”

Not that long, he thought. Not long enough. But he couldn’t stop watching her; couldn’t speak. Instead he leaned against the dark antique screen in the foyer till it nearly tipped, and he looked—hoped--for the servant who had let him in; but he could only see Maya through the miasma. He drew a breath and managed to murmur, “Maya, please.”

She started walking toward him then whispered into his ear as her body nearly touched his, “Please, what?”

He didn’t want his body to respond the way it did. But, with her little show for him; with her tight body; with her hot breath licking his ear, he was losing himself in her. He tried again, “Maya-please-enough.”

She didn’t think so. She walked still closer to him till her body pressed his, “Don’t you remember how I made you feel. Haven’t you been lonely? You want me Jared, I know you do.”

Her musk swirled around him chaining his arms to his body, keeping his legs weak and unmoving. Her voice hypnotized and captured his mind. He was falling deep. Deep. ‘Yes, yes, yes.’

In an instant, police sirens screamed outside--piercing her spell on him. Jared beckoned his own sanity with a wave of his head and a lungful of air that powered every cell in his body, turning some key in his mind, his energy building till he was solid and could push her off, “What the hell are you doing, Maya?”