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Tales of the Dreamer Witch By Tanya Ferris
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Tales of the Dreamer Witch By Tanya Ferris
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Ebook Synopsis

The story features the breathtaking space adventures of Sandra Nox, a woman of remarkable psychic powers, who has escaped the tyranny of the interstellar Palladian Empire and has been fighting for her freedom ever since.

Excerpt from Theft of a Dream:

I once served prince Venor, first son and heir to the throne of the Palladian Empire that has its seat in the Constellation of Boötes.

After their catastrophic clearance through the abutting galaxies, the Palladian Fleet attacked my home planet in the solar system of Aldebaran.

I happened to be one of the few survivors taken prisoners of war and implanted to become perfect servants for the Empire.

However, I managed to escape two Palladian years ago, having fully developed psychic powers till then unsuspe-cted; moreover, I allied Arion of Tifereth, the Empire's worst enemy.

Now I am wanted in 172 solar systems of the Palladian Dominion.

I am flying high over endless green fields; I'm entering a narrow foggy path that gradually takes shape between two lines of leafy trees. I relish an exhilarating sense of freedom, but soon everything around me seems to be melting away. I'm trying to envisage it as clearly as I can, but the only thing I finally achieve, is form a colourless relief picture sculpted on the astral substance, the ethereal matter all universes are made of. A new path is now being formed before me, hardly discernible between the white tree trunks that spout up towards the alabaster sky. However, I cannot complete my creation: Everything remains motion-less, translucent white, incomplete; suddenly, at the end of the path there is a sphere of sparkling light that grows brighter and brighter, obliterating the trees, the path, me, the world...

Right at that moment I woke up from the nightmarish experience, which had just repeated itself for the third time since my arrival on planet Phaon. Apparently, the recurrent psychic experience was a message warning me about an imminent danger and this was understandable, since the planet is within the limits of the constellation of Boötes.

I could have never imagined coming so close to the seat of the empire, I have always considered it suicidal. On the other hand, the Palladian royalty was unlikely to suspect I would ever dare attempt anything within their dominion. Besides, the information I had gathered was too important to ignore: Here, on Phaon, which orbits quasi-forgotten around the dwarf- star Sigma, in the fringes of the Palladian Empire, there was hidden a relic of an ancient civilization long ago lost and forgotten. To the moment I had only a vague idea about what it was exactly; I only knew I wanted it for myself and my interstellar travels.