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The First. By Rebekah B. Barton
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The First. By Rebekah B. Barton
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Ebook Synopsis

Amori Johnson is the First and the Key to the Dweller's escape. Soon Age old prophecies and divinations will come to pass, as this one question will be answered: WILL THE GATE BE OPENED?

This is part 1-4, of the Goral series, the title and series name has been changed.

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 Tall trees surround the small town of Orland, Kansas. To the north of the town were the Cede caves, a place that at one time had been the heart of the town, till the mines were closed down many years ago. The sun was now setting over the tree line, sending a golden halo across the land.

 Amori and her two best friends Alexis and Anise were heading over to a graduation party that was being held at Ryan Xerxes' house. Alexis drove following the curving back roads, since Ryan's house was on the out skirts of the town, his family being one of the wealthiest in the area.

  As they pulled into the driveway they were completely surprised, this was the first time they had seen Ryan's house, and it was huge.

 Alexis parked in front of the drive so that when they had to leave it would be easy to get out. Getting out of the car they made their way across the walkway and headed for the front door.

 Amori looked at her friends, “I still can't believe Ryan invited us to his grad party, when he had been in school with us he never seemed to notice that we existed.”

 Anise nodded her agreement, as they opened the door and walked inside.

 “I know what you mean, I guess things can change.” They stayed close to each other, making their way through the crowd. Though they were glad to be there, the three couldn’t help but feel out of place. Going through the French doors that stood open leading to the backyard, their mouths dropped when they saw the size of backyard and the pool, it seemed to be a little under half the size of a football field. They had heard the rumors of the magnitude of Ryan's home, but they had never dreamed anyone could have such a giant pool. While they stood in awed silence they did not notice that someone had walked up behind them, “That's the smaller of my pools; would you like to see the larger?”

 Turning around Amori was stunned to see that it was Ryan; he had been the coolest guy in their school. The coolest guy in their school he was really talking to her; she was mute from shock. Hearing the question Alexis answered for Amori, “She would love to go.” She said, knowing that he had just been asking the question to Amori. Giving her friend a light shove towards Ryan, Alexis motioned for her to go, effectively snapping her out of her temporary trance.

 “Um, of course, I'd love to see it.” Smiling Ryan took hold of her hand, but before he could lead Amori off Alexis looked him straight in the eyes, “She better not tell me that anything happens’ buddy.” Ryan nodded his understanding. With his hand still holding Amori’s he guided her through the mass of teens down a hallway, then through two huge twin maple doors. Upon walking in Amori’s mouth dropped once again; Ryan kept the doors open behind them. When he had said the other pool was the smaller of the two, it had been an understatement. For the other was most definitely the smaller of his two pools. This indoor pool would be an Olympian's heaven. Amori looked around and noticed that there were not that many others inside the room, “There isn't that many people in here.” Ryan smiled at her as he removed his shirt, talk about killer abs; Amori began to blush, “Only those who I know I can trust I let come in here.” Ryan began walking towards the water. Then stopping he turned, looking at Amori. She stood stock still; she was still contemplating whether to remove her swim suit cover or to leave the room.

 “I can understand you would like some privacy to change into your swim suit? There's a room over in that corner,” He pointed to the room, “where you can change.”

 Amori turned to the direction in which he had pointed; at least he knew she did not want to remove her cover in front of him. Walking to the room Amori entered shutting the door behind herself. Removing her swim cover she looked at herself in the full length mirror that hung on the side wall in the room. Her swim suit looked nothing like what the other girls there were wearing. Her all American one-piece was defiantly more conservative than what she had seen so far, but that was just her. She let out a silent laugh turning so that she made sure everything was in the right place, she would never dream of wearing such skimpy clothes. She had too much respect for her body.