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The Path Towards the Inside By Isidora Vey
Diary of a Human Target - Book Two

Genre/Category: Fantasy Books
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The Path Towards the Inside -Isidora Vey
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The Blood Between Us - Daniel DevineDiary of a Human Target (Book Three) - Homestretch. By Isidora Vey

Leaving back her traumatic past, Yvonne makes any possible effort to dispose of old obsessions and live a normal life. She also feels the need to develop her psychic abilities and approach cosmic truths. She seeks guidance in various sects but she soon questions their dogmas and intentions. Therefore, she starts to teach herself and develop her spiritual powers.

However, she still feels lonely, insecure and unsatisfied: She has a permanent job, but with no prospects. She has many friends, but they are wayward and enigmatic. There is extreme noise pollution, all around her house, day and night. She is still dogged by negative omens, misfortune and odd coincidences. She often experiences incidents of “street theater” against her. She gradually comes to certain realizations about the secret construction of the human society

Although she knows she is a target, she doesn't hesitate to talk about her ideas and experiences to anyone who seems to be interested -maybe because she can't imagine the consequences...


Spring 1990

Years pass by very fast, I am almost 27 now and I have hardly realized I am that old. At this age, I should have already sorted out where my life is leading; however, there is no progress in any field, and there never will be -I know. Let's face it, there is nothing here for me. Therefore, I think it is high time I did what I have been postponing for years: Take the path towards the inside...

From the beginning of March I have started to attend parapsychology lessons in a school of spiritual development called “Janus”. Although it is in Kypseli, very far away from Glyfada, I am eager to go there once a week, defying the exhaustion from the double bus journey to and from Athens: Since I still work in my office near Omonia Square in the mornings, every Wednesday -when I go to Janus- I spend six or seven hours of commuting in all. However, I don't mind because I feel there are new spiritual horizons opening for me there. The fact is that metaphysics really excites me, and it is the first time in my life I am excited about something.

The lessons include teachings of the guru Alexander Romanos regarding the evolution of the soul, the domination of the subconscious in a man's life, methods of relaxation and meditation, the awakening of telepathy and so on. The guru is gifted with a lot of eloquence, he knows well the art of persuasion, he is said to possess psychic powers, and he doesn't hesitate to go against the dominant dogmas of metaphysics. For instance, he doesn't believe in the theory of karma -in contrast to all the other schools of spiritual development.