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A Dance of Dragons By Kaitlyn Davis
Free Series Starter Bundle

Genre/Category: Fantasy Books
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A Dance of Dragons: Free Series Starter Bundle - Kaitlyn Davis
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Ignite - Kaitlyn DavisThe Golden Cage (A Dance of Dragons #1) By Kaitlyn Davis

Free fantasy series starter bundle from bestselling USA Today recommended author Kaitlyn Davis, perfect for fans of Graceling and Throne of Glass! This book includes the first prequel novella, The Golden Cage, as well as the first full-length novel, The Shadow Soul. Follow Jinji, Leena and Rhen as they race to free the dragons before an ancient evil takes over the world.


Jinji awoke with a start, gasping for air and clutching her aching chest. Her lungs screamed. Her mind fought to escape the daze. She blinked, but the darkness would not recede, even as her memory ignited.

It was the same dream. A dream she had only had once before but would never forget. A dream that was somehow more.

Another blink and a soft orange light leaked into her vision. She looked up through the smoke circle in the roof, toward the sky. Dawn.

Jinji stood, throwing her furs to the side and stepping quietly past her mother and father. Soft dirt muted her steps, and her parents didn't stir as she crossed the small expanse of their home. Lifting the pelt aside, she stepped into the morning mist and began to run. Her feet followed the path along the longhouse, past the rest of her sleeping tribe and into the forest beyond. No thought was necessary—she had taken this path too many times before.

Besides, concentration was beyond her. Jinji's thoughts had drifted out of the world and into her memories, all the way back to her brother.

Janu, her heart cried softly, remembering him.

The last time she dreamed that dream had been on the eve of his death—what did it mean that it had happened again, a decade later on the dawn of her joining?

Jinji stopped.

She had reached the clearing, her sacred haven. A place shared only with her closest friend Leoa. Away from the game and too close to the outside world for anyone else in her tribe to discover—this place was their secret. The only place two girls could talk away from the attentive ears of the elders and the only place she could go to truly escape. Jinji fell to her knees and opened her eyes wide, searching the air for something only she could find. She looked along the ground, over the flecks of dew spotting the grass, along the twining roots, up the rough bark and over her head toward the clouds.

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