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The Wizard That Wasn't by Ben Rovik
Dream Magic: Awakenings by J.G. Cuff
Castles In The Sky: Fantasy Short Story Collection by C. A. Zraik
Kiss at Midnight by Wendy Maddocks
Harvest by L E Fitzpatrick
The Beginning Of The End - Book 3 of The Mauve Legacy by Emma Hart
Running Shoes by Wendy Maddocks
Ben Zero (1) Cloudclipper by Peter Broquet
Ben Zero (2) Spitfire by Peter Broquet
Ben Zero (3) Nautilas by Peter Broquet
Ben Zero (4) Terminus by Peter Broquet
Entropic Quest by Tom Lichtenberg and Johnny Lichtenberg
The Pelican King by Bruce van Aardt
Nature abhors a vacuum by Stephen L. Nowland
The Path Towards the Inside -Isidora Vey
A Dance of Dragons: Free Series Starter Bundle - Kaitlyn Davis
The Heart of Tarkon by S.C. Meakin
Mistress of the Web by Chike Deluna
Circle of Arms by Wendy Maddocks
Unfinished Business by Wendy Maddocks
Tales from the Bear and Lion by S.M. White
Limits @ Infinity 1 by J.C. Bell
Doubt, Among Us Trilogy 1 - Anne-Rae Vasquez
Avalon: Trail of the Tor by Liz Marx
Trials of Spring. By Daniel Devine
Dragon Way by Mikaela Salzetti
A Magical History - Book 1 of The Mauve Legacy by Emma Hart
Truth, Lies and Betrayal - Book 2 of The Mauve Legacy by Emma Hart
The Moons of Elyan by CBS
Emma and the Minotaur by Jon Herrera

An extract from Dale Mayer's free ebook, Dangerous Designs. Part of the third Young Adult series written by the author: The others screamed and crouched lower. Mothers huddled protectively over their children. Storey took out her sketchbook and stylus. She couldn't afford to hide. Besides, there was no place left. She sat down in her favorite position on the floor and opened to a clean page. She'd need a new sketch book soon. Could she use the back side of her drawings or would that mix two together and create something she really didn't want to see?