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Good and Cheap By Leanne Brown
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Category: Food and Drink
Creative Commons
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Good and Cheap By Leanne Brown
Free Ebook Synopsis

Devised originally for folks on the US SNAP food program, this is collection of recipes created by the author for those on a budget. These meals are as healthy as they can be and utilise ingredients that are readily available to most low-income families. Leanne's recipes are flexible in that ingredients can be changed according to availability, taste, and cost.

Leanne's intent was to create meals that do not require supplementation of cheap carbs to stave off hunger. What's more, she designed the recipes specifically to use money carefully, without penny-pinching. For instance, many of these recipes use butter, which is not cheap, rather than margarine or oil, because it creates flavour and richness in a way that cheap alternatives cannot.

To encourage a varied diet, the recipes do not contain large amounts of meat to encourage people to eat more fruit and vegetables.

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