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Carnival by Ron Sanders

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Carnival by Ron Sanders
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It’s a riot, it’s a romp, it’s a ride. It’s a roller coaster of a revolution that jangles to this day. Actually, it’s 1967, and the place is Haight-Ashbury, a district of a few square blocks just outside downtown San Francisco. The occasion? A spontaneous gathering of revelers, all set to erupt into lawlessness, licentiousness, and madness—that roller coaster’s mind-blowing feature plunge. And it’s the intent of this document to accurately describe not only the event but the times—to, in so doing, fairly portray a philosophical dichotomy that pitted American against American with a bitterness not seen since the War Between the States. The work does not mean to defend one side against the other; it strives to be an account, rather than an argument. The following introduction attempts a brief history of the political climate and social turmoil leading to that emotional maelstrom known as The Summer of Love.

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