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The Big Tide by Marc Heberden

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The Big Tide by Marc Heberden

The gravel in the parking lot crunched cheerfully under his feet as he made his way across to the boatyard. Although late in the summer, the early morning air was cool and moist, and in the long shadows of buildings cold. With a bright sun coming up into a pale blue sky, the freshness of the air that morning and the bright crackling of the gravel beneath his shoes simply added punctuation to his deeply happy mood. Eric Sumners was a very rich man who was also handsome, intelligent and well-mannered, and he was married to a strikingly beautiful woman who loved him. Of all those things, that morning it was his money that was making him so happy because he was going to be able to do something in an offhand fashion that even moderately wealthy people would have spent a lot of time thinking about ...