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Fixture by Tom Lichtenberg

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Fixture by Tom Lichtenberg
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An artist commissioned by a city does not know when or how to stop ...


lt's hard to imagine a time before the Fixture graced our lovely city. Yet less than fifty years ago, it existed only in the mind - or only in the dreams - of its illustrious creator. There are some who still remember the city as it was, but they are old, their memories are faulty, and how can you describe an absence, anyway? Not that l question their integrity. That's not what l meant. Scratch out the old and faulty bit with the handy pen enclosed. There, that's better now. Where were we? Oh, yes, the city as it was. lt's gone through many changes since those days. The Fixture is not the only thing that's new. ln fact, everything has seen some kind of change since then. But in those days, excuse me, it's the telephone. l'll be right back.