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The Excess Road by Joshua Lee Andrew Jones

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The Excess Road by Joshua Lee Andrew Jones
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Youth must pay a toll and the path to wisdom starts at the hilltop campus of Wessex College. There you can find a good party but you can also lose your mind like Joaquin Chandler did. He’s an eighteen year old from Fairfield County looking for love and his own trail to tread during his freshman year in 1993.

The party scene at Wessex is overwhelming for Joaquin and even though he feels like an outcast the kid makes friends. Then the beautiful Elyssa comes along and his heart sets. The chase for her affection begins with an unsettling event but she enters his life. After an initiation into the grittier reality of college life, Joaquin discovers his new best friend Tim is the campus drug dealer and Elyssa is using him to get drugs ...