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Double Spaced Anachronistic Propaganda
by Ethan Hunter

Category: General & Literary Fiction Books
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Double Spaced Anachronistic Propaganda by Ethan Hunter
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Ash Riot is standing on the edge of the George Washington Bridge, waiting for sunrise. This is where his story will end. But before it ends, he will testify. He will tell you how it all begins. He will tell you what brings the most famous voice in the world up to a bridge like this. He’ll tell you how he just graduated college after wandering lost among the chosen ones his entire life. And how he may have just been charged with a righteous task by God Himself. Or he may have just been dead of an overdose and hallucinating. He will tell you his mission is righteous because we are all righteous. He will tell you the story of his rise to fame as a media-messiah through his platform of hate and rage. He’ll tell you about shopping cart bowling and buying milk and about girls and friends and about a cattle drive in an Audi A-8. He will tell you to kill yourselves. He will tell you it is the only answer. But, if you’re really listening, you’ll prove him wrong.